Back Pain and Your Chiropractor

Chiropractors are the experts on low back problems and pain. Training to become a Doctor of Chiropractic is very extensive in this area and many studies show that most people are very satisfied with the drug free results. Other studies have shown that utilizing Chiropractic can save people and insurance companies significant financial burden because disability is reduced, surgery avoided and relief of pain is greater and longer lasting.

The low back structures are subject to a lot of abuse from carrying too much weight, lack of exercise, strenuous work, too much sitting and stress. It might surprise you to know that in studies and in Chiropractic offices there are people that have been told back surgery was needed yet after a few Chiropractic adjustments, surgery was avoided.

Often, just a few treatments are needed to see results but sometimes with more serious injuries- treatment and repair of the back will take weeks or even months to stabilize. Long term… avoiding surgery, if possible, is always a good idea. Maybe the solution for your back problem is just a click away.